the Simple 4-Step Framework I Used to Generate Over 200,000+ Leads Using Simple Videos Anybody Can Duplicate for Daily Leads and Sales!

(This Works Even if You’re New and Deathly Afraid to Be on Camera!)

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The exact 4-step video framework that helped me generate over 200,000+ leads online (you’ll want to put this to use in your business right away for never-ending video leads!)
Little known tactics to quickly connect and build rapport through video – so viewers immediately see YOU as the go-to authority who can help them (this will skyrocket your income to the moon!)
The #1 mistake 99% of video marketers make that absolutely destroys your results (Hint: Fix this now and you’ll quickly dominate your market, skyrocket lead flow, and boost your income!)
2 sneaky ways to grab your prospects attention and keep them gripped to your entire video – so they actually stick around for your call-to-action (while your competition still gets drop-offs 30 seconds into their videos)
How YOU can start getting leads and sales with video… even if you’re brand new, and being on video scares the daylights out of you! (I’ve helped 1000’s of students create successful videos despite even the most intense fears!)
Plus much, much, more...


Mark Harbert started marketing online in late 2008 and has generated over 200,000+ leads online. He created an annual multiple 6-Figure Income as well as sold multiple millions of dollars of his own courses, affiliate products and coaching programs.

Mark is hyper-focused on helping entrepreneurs implement video strategies into their marketing and sales processes so they can free themselves for the things that matter most in life.

Faith and Family are Mark's biggest achievements to date. However, the greatest legacy he is focused on leaving behind is that because of amazing grace, he once was lost but now he is found.

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