Easily and Instantly Become A Credible Authority in YOUR Niche Within the Next 90 Days (Even If You Have Zero Experience… And Are SCARED TO DEATH to Get On Video! )...

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I want to share with you how I went from a scared little video marketing puppy... so deathly afraid to put myself out there to the internet world that I would cower and look for ways to market my business without doing any of that...

To become a video marketing LION who's now not even the slightest bit afraid to roar the exact message out to the marketplace that they're looking for... 

And every time I do... life for my family, and myself gets better. Just like YOURS will. 

Your business grows... 

Your bank account grows... 

 You feel a sense of purpose... 

And life gets closer to the one that you always knew YOU could enjoy in this industry. As you read the rest of this page, you'll see how you'll be able to do the exact same thing by using online video marketing with MY PROVEN (over and over again) STRATEGY... 

Even if right now... thinking about it makes your chest tight, breathing difficult, and causes intense panic and anxiety to kick in.

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way. Maybe even worse. More about that in a minute. We're About to Unlock the Key to Killing That Fear Inside of YOU.

Kill the fear and enjoy the fact that as you put yourself out there on video... and do it right... amazing things happen in your business, and in your life.

You'll begin to experience ready-to-join leads flooding in on auto-pilot, each and every single day. (Even when YOU don't actually show up!) 

Imagine waking up, checking your email on  your phone, and seeing leads and sales notifications as far as you can scroll down? 

This is exactly what online video has done for me, and literally THOUSANDS of my students. And it's exactly what it will do for YOU!

Check out what leaders online have discovered and experienced...

"Most Genuine Leader"

Mark Harbert is an excellent marketer and someone that I go to when I have questions about video marketing. But beyond that he is one of the most genuine leaders I know in our industry who truly cares about the success of his students. He has an incredible passion that drives him to relentlessly deliver the best of himself in order to lift up and empower those around him.

Norbert Orlewicz

Co-Founder of My Lead System Pro

"The Go-To-Guy"

"When I first started lead generation from video I immediately thought of Mark Harbert as the “go-to-guy” to fast track my learning. Mark’s trainings and courses are the BEST you’ll find on Video Marketing and I 100% recommend The No-Fear Video Marketing System to get you started with branding yourself and generating leads with video."

Gavin Mountford

6-Figure Marketer

"This Guy is All Heart"

"From working with Mark the last two years I can tell you this guy is all heart and his trainings are epicly designed to help you get maximum results. Anyone serious about changing their life would benefit from Mark and his training"

Ray Higdon

Founder of Rank Makers

I'm Here to Tell You Right Now You Can Quickly Bust Through All of Your FEAR and HESITATION... and Start Creating Videos That Make Your Perfect Target Market Flock to You... and Love You When They Find You (and they WILL Find You!)...

Hi, My name is Mark Harbert, and for the past 10 years I've been creating online videos that have let me ENJOY A DAILY LEAD FLOW that most people in our industry don't even pull in monthly (sometimes in a year!)

We're talking up to 73+ serious red-hot leads per day.

It Wasn't Always That Way Though...

Most people see me on video and think that all this just comes natural.

(Must be my movie star looks 😉


I was desperately struggling to make my business work for almost a decade. In the midst of all of that, I got laid off from my corporate position. I was close to bankruptcy and foreclosure, and my wife and daughter were depending on me.

During the worst of all of that, I could literally barely put food on the table for my family.

There was even one heartbreaking Christmas where I couldn't afford presents for my daughter. Unless you've ever gone through that, you can't even comprehend the desperation that you feel.

And even then…

I would have rather faced Mike Tyson in the ring, or lay in a tank of snakes than get myself on camera. And I'm not even exaggerating.

And to be perfectly honest I didn't have a clue how to even create a video in the first place. I thought I was doomed because I had no special equipment. No good digital camera. To make matters worse, I couldn't even afford the equipment I thought I needed.

Thank God actually…

Because now I've gotten by just fine on the most minimal of equipment for the past 10 years. Most of my videos are made right from my iPhone. Or from the camera built right into my laptop.

If You're Deathly Afraid of getting on camera, I was right there with you. 

 You see, I'm a little...well... “big boned.” 🙂 So of course I was afraid I was going to look fat on camera. Plus, I had no idea what the heck to say. 

 I thought people would see my video and make fun of me. Think I was a babbling idiot. In fact, I didn't even think people wanted to hear what I had to say. 

Who the heck was I anyway? Sound familiar? 

If you saw my first video, you'd see that clearly I was petrified. Literally shaking in my seat as I tried to film and form coherent sentences. 

I started sweating profusely with every take. And you can probably relate to my thought of “OMG, what if one of my family members, or worse, one of my co-workers stumbled on this video?” 

It took me over 20 takes, and a couple of days to create that first video. Everything was an excuse not to just shoot the darn thing. 

Taking out the garbage or doing dishes were welcome chores at that time. Plus I moved a lot of stuff around my desk. It was never so damn clean. 

Bottom Line! Caring What Others Think About Me Almost Cost Me the Amazing Lifestyle That I've Created for My Family Today. 

 It's not just me either... I've heard the fears and the stories that my thousands of clients have had about getting on video. Scared to death. Sometimes in tears. 

Giving up over and over before they even get through the first video. Believe me when I tell you that I KNOW that it's a fear that you have as strong as the fear of heights, or snakes, or whatever phobia you can think of. 

Maybe it has a fancy phobia name, I don't know, but it should. And you feel like all the people who tell you “Just do it!” or “Just get past that fear!” don't understand how real it is. And maybe they don't. 

However, I do get it. Here's How It All Changed for Me... What if I told you that it's not going to be as difficult as you think to get through this. 

Imagine for just one second if you could sit down, flip on the camera, and just start talking with absolutely no fear, no inhibition... ...Know exactly WHAT to say... ...And know exactly how to spread that message across the internet to your target market. 

Here's How to Start Killing This Fear... I'm going to give you A HUGE TIP right here and right now. For FREE! Myself, and all my students have had similar experiences of beginning to get through this fear. 

First, I knew that my family was more important than my fear. 

 The days of watching my little precious daughter and my beautiful wife not have all that they deserved (Even presents at Christmas)... ...Knowing it was essentially my fault for not just getting through my damn fears were heart wrenching. 

I'm sure that there are things that you're watching happen, that wouldn't be, if you just were taught a way to get through this fear. 

 If you've been watching your family suffer without having YOU around as much you could be... Without enjoying the luxuries of life that are there for them... 

If you've suffered daily, living the 9 to 7 grind (because let's face it, nine to five is over), wasting away in a cubicle, or behind a machine, or on a job site...and struggling to make your home business work using other methods that aren't even close to as effective as video will EVER be... 

If you wake up in the morning, not excited to get up and see the lead flow and commission checks that have come in over night (because you already know there won't be any)...

Then YOU are ready to get past this fear now and jump into video marketing like a pro. I know it.

That's Why I've Created My Most Epic and Complete Video Training EVER!

My Legacy Product That Gives Away Everything I've Learned Over the Past 10 Years of Elite Level Video Marketing (Even Tackling the emotional fear impacting elements that others have ignored)...

Here's a Sneak-Peak Into Some of What You'll Discover When You Delve Into 'The No-Fear Video Marketing System'...

module #5

Gettin' Down to Business
(Your Video Creation Game Plan!)

Before we move on to the other modules... 

Let's Talk About Something Critical Here... 

The Brutal Truth Is That Without Adding Video Marketing to Your Biz... YOU Cannot Compete With Those That Are Using Video Effectively... Let me guess. 

You've probably tried fooling yourself and thought: “So I'll just use other methods of marketing my business... so I don't need video.”

Well let's first look at some stats...

And here's a couple of real eye-openers that even caught ME off guard...

Now Let's Get Back to All You Get Inside of “The No-Fear Marketing System”