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An Elite Club & Community For Video Marketers That Want To Play Big And Stay At The Top of Their Game!

Mark Harbert
Video Marketing Expert & Trainer
Multiple 6-Figure Earner

Its Time To Channel YOUR Inner Video Rockstar!!

Hi my name is Mark Harbert...

I've been an online video marketer and trainer for over 7 years. I've trained thousands on stages, webinars, and one on one sessions.

Here's the truth you MUST know.

Video marketing is the common thread with all top earners online.

The key to beating the pants off of even those top earners? Staying on top of the cutting-edge. The whats hot and working now!

You've clearly proven that you realize Video Marketing is the best way to get traffic, leads and sales online by your purchase of The No-Fear Video Marketing System.

Now let me coach you each and every month so you get the best of the best when it comes to marketing online.

With YOUR Video Marketing Insider Club V.I.P. Spot... you'll always be getting monthly coaching as well as the latest and greatest strategies available to increase your exposure, and get the leads and sales flooding in.

The price you see on this page WILL go up soon. It has to because we'll be constantly stuffing the  archives with powerful video strategies that 99% of the industry doesn't even know exists yet.

Take advantage of it now at the insanely low charter membership cost while you can... and lock in that price for life!

Can't wait to see you on the inside...

As An Exclusive Video Marketing Insider's Club VIP Member You Will Get Access To...


1 Monthly 'What's Killin' It Now' Video Marketing Training

Find out what's killin' it for me with video marketing. Be the first to know what's working right now and benefit from my thousands of dollars spent each and every month to stay on top. Truthfully, many of the courses  out there tend to have tons of fluff. Stuff that doesn't help get results. This monthly training will cut all the crap, and reveal ONLY the best nuggets to increase your results. The best part? No need for you to purchase any other training products. I'll do the grunt work of vetting them for YOU. You get only the golden nuggets without the hassle and the costs.


1 Monthly Question & Answer Hangout Coaching Webinar

Imagine each and every month being able to come on a LIVE, hangout...and get every single question answered? Well now you can. One of the biggest challenges people have when building their online business is getting meaningful feedback from someone who knows what they're doing. This can destroy your goals. Well no more because each month we'll put various members on the hot seat and coach them live on air... while you can listen in and get the nuggets. Heck, I might even pull you out too. (Hot seats have notoriously turned amateurs into top earning pros FAST!)


Full Access To The Video Marketing Video & Article Vault

One of the biggest keys to success is to constantly be learning new things. The downside is that takes time to comb through the ocean of articles and videos out there to find the ones with worthy (usable) info.  As a VIP member, you'll have access to the article vault! Chock-full of ready-to-apply articles and content mined around the internet that will increase your chances of success. Again. You save time not sifting through millions of articles to get the best content.  I'll do it for you and constantly update the vault .


Private Invite Only Facebook Community

Get 24/7 access to the Video Marketing Insider Club private Facebook group. I'l be in this group every day answering questions and interacting with you helping you with your videos. This will also be a great place for you to network with other video marketers. This right here is worth the monthly investment alone. Believe it or not there are coaches that charge 100's even 1000's of dollars each month for access to their Facebook group. Its included with your membership and is for paying members only.


My Personal Video Marketing Resources & Tools List

Being an online video marketer means having the right tools at your disposal. The problem is there are so many of these tools being released ALL THE TIME it can be overwhelming. How do you know which ones are even useful. Each month I invest my own money purchasing tools, training courses and anything that pretty has to do with video marketing. As a valued member you get access to my list of favorites which will be constantly updated. This can literally save you hundreds if not thousand of dollars as you can leverage my expertise and knowledge before you invest.


Exclusive Member Discounts

Membership has its privileges. I am constantly doing LIVE specialized training courses on various aspects of online marketing. Each of these trainings are distinct and help you during your online journey. These courses are at an additional cost to participate outside of your membership fee. However as a Video marketing insider active member  you will get a minimum of a 25% discount every time I launch a new product. No matter the course, you can always get a discount. Oh and that includes all my past products as well. If you look through my current product catalog and see a course you want, you can get a 25% discount just for being an active member. Another way to benefit when YOU join Video Marketing Insider today.

And Much, Much More...

What You See Here Is Just The Start...

Video Marketing Insider will constantly be evolving. I will always be adding new ways to bring value to you and your business each month.

I will bring in guest speakers from time to time to help you get better each and every month.

My goal is to make this membership the best investment in your business every month and help you become one of the best video marketers on the internet.

If you want to build a strong business online, video marketing is a must and staying on top is the name of the game.

Thats what Video Marketing Insider is all about.

My Rock-Solid 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee you’re going to love the Video Marketing Insider membership. In fact, I’m so convinced of this that you can try it risk-free for 30 days.

Sign up today by clicking on the add to cart button on this page. Then take the next 30 days to participate in the live trainings and begin applying the training sessions.

If you’re not completely thrilled with your decision, just contact my customer support by Day 30 and we’ll give you a full refund on your first months payment.

I am removing all the risk and putting it squarely on my shoulders where it belongs.

$1.00 14-Day Test Drive
Then $29.00/Month For Life
Then $29.00/Month For Life

(To Avoid Double Charges Please Click the Button ONCE)

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Frequently Asked Membership Questions

  • Q.Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    A.YES ABSOLUTELY! Of course we would be sad to see you go, but you are never locked in. If at some point in the future you decide not to continue as a Video Marketing Insider Club VIP member you can simply contact my support desk at support@markharbert.com and we will cancel any future payments for you.

  • Q.Can I get a refund if I decide this isn't for me?

    A.YES ABSOLUTELY! If within the first 30 days of your membership you decide the video marketing membership is not for you, you can get a full refund of your first months payment. However After the first 30 days you cancel at anytime but the refund will not apply.

  • Q.What if I can't attend the LIVE trainings will you have the recordings?

    A.YES FOR SURE! Even if you can't attend all the live sessions, we will always have the recordings posted in the back office for you within 24 hours sometimes even within a few hours. So rest assured you are good to go and can view all the trainings at your convenience.

  • Q.What if I have a question about Video Marketing. Can I get it answered?

    A.ABSOLUTELY! Thats exactly what our thriving Facebook community is for. We have hundreds of excited and active video marketers in our group that are just like you and on the path to building their business. There is simply no better group to hang out with on Facebook to get your questions answered. Oh and I will be in there too! 🙂

What Others Are Saying...

“Mark Harbert is THE #1 guy you want to hire if you’re serious about leveraging video to build your business. I’ve personally watched him help over 1,000 students drive traffic, get leads, and get paid by following his video marketing game plan. The dude flat out is a vid marketing genius.”

BRIAN FANALE 7-Figure Earner, Co-Founder of MLSP

"Mark Harbert is not only one of the best video marketers in the world that I know, he is also very passionate and highly skilled mentor for home business entrepreneurs. He pours all of his heart into everything he does."

VITALIY DUBININ 6-Figure Online Marketer

"From working with Mark the last two years I can tell you this guy is all heart and his trainings are epicly designed to help you get maximum results. Anyone serious about changing their life would benefit from Mark and his training"

RAY HIGDON Multiple 7-Figure Earner

Mark Harbert is an excellent marketer and someone that I go to when I have questions about video marketing. But beyond that he is one of the most genuine leaders I know in our industry who truly cares about the success of his students. He has an incredible passion that drives him to relentlessly deliver the best of himself in order to lift up and empower those around him.

Norbert Orlewitz
Norbert Orlewitz 7-Figure Earner, MLSP Co-Founder

Mark Harbert, I have gotten PLENTY of value from being in your group. I have gotten past myself and am now creating and sharing videos every day because of your training. thanks for all you do!

Danielle Cloutier
Danielle Cloutier Online Marketer

I have heard other trainers teach video marketing and Facebook ads but no one breaks it down like Mark Harbert. Mark takes complicated processes and teaches step-by-step how to complete the task on your own and in terms you will understand. With his training I built my first Facebook ads and now putting together an auto-responder sequence for new leads. If you are ready to step up your online marketing, Mark's training will help you get to that next level!

Ellen Kay Kirchdoefer
Ellen Kay Kirchdoefer Online Network Marketer
$1.00 14-Day Test Drive
Then $29.00/Month For Life
Then $29.00/Month For Life

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